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Sashikala joined Aleron Shared Resources in 2011 during a crucial expansion time. She brought years of prior experience and her knowledge helped the organization ramp up our resources. Since then, she has been a great ambassador for our organization and has held different designations of her employment from an HR Generalist, HR Manager, and most recently, Senior HR Manager.

In 2013, the Aleron team took over the operations of Acara India as well as operations and HR services for SDI India. So, in a short span of two years, Sashikala expanded her role to oversee all three companies. It was a huge task and not an easy transition. Acara India had separate and different processes and policies, and SDI needed to develop policies. Sashi developed all the policies for Aleron and SDI from scratch and streamlined all policies and payroll processes for Acara India to be in line with our industry standards and corporate policies.

“After seeing Sashi’s drive over a two-year period, we were confident she would be able to tackle the challenge and she did,” said Navin Gautham, India Country Manager.

Sashikala has shown great temperament when it comes to handling employee issues. She is a good listener and a very neutral decision-maker. She has built great trust and faith over the years through her hard work and commitment.

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Navaneel Das headshot

Navaneel heads the IT practice within Acara Solutions India, building on a strong education in technology. He is the primary point of contact on high-end technology recruitment needs for Acara India’s clients. His leadership and domain expertise has proven invaluable to our clients.

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Nagarajan is an engineering graduate with a thorough understanding of the manufacturing industry. Drawing on his years of experience handling application engineering and manufacturing operations…

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As Vice President of Enterprise Sales Strategy and Delivery, Jim Nichiporuk helps prospective and current enterprise/national customers develop talent acquisition and management…

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Debra is Vice President of Business Development, South Region for Acara. Debra manages overall business development strategies in the South Region, focusing on the achievement of revenue…

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Delaney, Chris

Chris Delaney is Vice President, Major Account Development for Acara. Delaney is responsible for leading, developing and implementing strategic planning and growth initiatives to increase revenue and profitability…

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Stenvick, Ryan

Ryan Stenvick is Vice President of Business Development, West Region for Acara. Stenvick leads all business development efforts within the West Region. He received a bachelor’s degree from…

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Stanley, Bart

Bart Stanley serves as Senior Vice President, South Region for Acara. With more than 25 years of experience, Stanley has provided workforce and staffing solutions to numerous customers across…

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