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    How to Attract the Attention of Qualified Candidates - Job Posting Guide

    Whether you’re looking to hire a contract employee to help with seasonal work or a C-suite executive, a great job posting is critical to attracting the attention of qualified candidates. An informative, inclusive, and interesting job posting will ensure you’re attracting the best talent without having to spend time sifting through a slew of unqualified job seeker applications.

  • Featured E-Book Interview Tips for Team Leaders

    Interview Tips for Team Leaders

    To help hiring managers be better prepared for their candidate interviews, our team at Acara India composed an E-Book that is chock-full of valuable interview information. We included behavioral-based interview questions to pose to your candidate, legal guidelines that must be followed, and ways to reduce biases in your hiring decisions.

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    Video Interview Dos and Don'ts

    As the professional world has switched to a virtual setting, so too have candidate interviews. We’ve seen our fair share of mistakes made by jobseekers over the past several months. From poor outfit choices to spotty internet connections, even some of the most minute errors can take away from the success of your interview. Don’t hinder your chances of getting hired!

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