Flexible services give you the freedom
to scale up or down quickly.

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    Finally focus on what matters most.

    Whether they’re temporary workers, interns, part-timers, retirees, or seasonal help, contract employees play an invaluable role in the modern economy. In theory, they allow companies to respond to fluctuating production demands and remain competitive—but only if the administrative burdens of scaling up and down quickly don’t outweigh the benefits of agility.

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    A little flexibility goes a long way.

    Acara Solutions India's flexible, tailored payrolling services help tip that equation in our customers’ favor. With Acara Solutions India serving as the employer of record, we navigate the employee classification process on your behalf, absorb all the relationship management and clerical work associated with indirect hires, assume payroll liabilities, and insulate you from sensitive co-employment issues. And we do it all at a competitive rate that saves you money.

  • Resource optimization.

    As the employer of record, Acara India relieves your team of the day-to-day tasks associated with onboarding, offboarding, and managing short-term workers. This ensures that your HR department is as lean as your contingent workforce and all resources are being used efficiently.
  • Administrative relief.

    We take on the engagement process for temporary workers, interns, part-timers, and seasonal staff so you won’t have to second guess or worry about mistakes.
  • Flexibility.

    Our payrolling services are adaptable to your needs. An employee on our payroll can be quickly converted to one of your employees at any time and at no cost to you.
  • Cost savings.

    No conversion fees, Acara India's competitive rates, and time spent more productively serves your bottom line.

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