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Our telecommunications recruitment specialists have closed jobs in several areas.

Did you know that India owns the second largest telecommunications market in the world? Fueled by government policies, the Indian telecom sector is contributing substantially to the GDP—and Acara Solutions India is keeping the pace. As one of the leading telecom recruitment consultancies in the nation, we understand the ever-changing needs of such a dynamic sector.

Our telecom recruitment experts are domain experts who have been hiring in the telecom domain for years. With the ability to address the needs of telecom clients in a progressively complex environment, Acara is one of the most renowned telecom recruitment agencies in the country. What’s more, we’re a leading talent solutions provider worldwide. Key job profiles include:

  • Network Planning

  • Engineering & Operations

  • Information Technology

  • Analytics

  • Product Development

  • Cybersecurity

Let us help you find the best in telecommunications.

Acara Solutions India, an Aleron company, is a leading provider of comprehensive HR and recruitment process outsourcing solutions. Over the years, Acara has delivered staffing services to some of India’s leading telecom companies. With over 200 customers and over 200,000 assignments filled, Acara offers a strategic, proactive, and flexible approach to staffing, recruiting, and hiring.

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