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Our medical recruitment specialists have closed jobs
in several areas.

The global healthcare industry requires some of the smartest and most dedicated talent in the world. At Acara, our healthcare recruitment specialists adhere to the same stringent standards to find high-quality healthcare professionals in IT, medical billing, executive leadership, data science, and administration.

As one of India’s top healthcare administration staffing agencies, we have years of experience in medical staffing, and we will customize our approach to fit the unique needs of your organisation. Our flexible workforce solutions are designed to scale with your business. We take a people-centric approach to ensure that talent meets the necessary job requirements and aligns with your long-term goals. With help from Acara, finding the right fit for your healthcare organization has never been easier. Our healthcare recruitment specialists have closed jobs in:

  • Data & AI

  • Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Benefits Administration - DB DC

  • Clinical Data Management

  • Data Science - ML & DL

Let us help you find the best in healthcare support and administration.

Acara Solutions India, an Aleron company, is a leading provider of comprehensive HR and recruitment process outsourcing solutions. Over the years, Acara has delivered staffing services to some of India’s leading healthcare institutions. With over 200 customers and over 200,000 assignments filled, Acara offers a strategic, proactive, and flexible approach to staffing, recruiting, and hiring.

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“Our Acara account managers provide timely and regular updates on key talent acquisition activities. They listen to our ideas and direction in way that has formed a good partnership. The recruiters assigned to our account are responsive to the hiring managers and are experienced in effective recruiting.”

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