Contract Staffing

Why is Contract Staffing Booming?

  • Refine your search. Hire with confidence.

    We get it. Commitments are scary. When you’re filling a job vacancy, it’s easy to wonder if a more impressive candidate might come along. Or maybe you’ve hired in the past only to find out that your new employee’s attitude just isn’t a culture fit. In this fast-paced world of high-tech innovations, Acara Solutions India brings you IT hiring recruitment services that are built for the technological revolution. As a proficient temp agency, Acara India is known for providing innovative solutions that deliver short-term assignments and seasonal placements, answering your contract staffing needs.

    With access to the best talent for your contractual positions that can improve your business results, Acara Solutions India provides end-to-end recruitment services to our partners with the flexibility they need to adapt in our ever-changing times.

    Contract Staffing for IT Industry

    Acara Solutions India is a renowned name amongst the contract recruitment companies. When it comes to temporary IT hiring solutions, we leverage our legacy of serving international juggernauts in telecommunications, banking and finance, semiconductors, and IT solutions.

  • Find more time for your team.

    The contract hiring option reduces administrative burdens and training costs to your company. You onboard talent as direct employees only after you’ve fully vetted their capabilities and work styles, ensuring the right fit for your team without the risk of upfront investment.

    With Acara Solutions India's contract-to-direct services, the pressure is off. We source and screen your new hires and deploy them as contract employees with a set schedule for status conversion. This puts them confidently on the road to direct employment, and you have the peace of mind that comes with testing the waters.

    At Acara, our recruiters are equipped with the skill set to handle emerging business elements, such as software framework, machine learning, deep learning, big data, digital transformation, and cloud-based infrastructures.

    Contract-to-direct services allow you to get to know your talent to ensure they are a perfect fit before committing to a long-term, direct relationship.

    Are you looking for a company that allows you to assess talent before hiring full-time? Your search ends with Acara.

  • Risk mitigation.

    You’ll have the opportunity to work on actual tasks and projects with your new hire before you commit to direct employment, so you’ll be able to see if they have the capabilities and attitude you’re looking for.
  • Cost savings.

    You’ll only be responsible for onboarding and training employees that are in it for the long haul.
  • Resource optimization.

    We’ll take care of sourcing, vetting and scheduling contractual employees, so your team can focus on other tasks and initiatives.

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