Recruitment and Staffing Services India

Introducing a
new way to build
your workforce.

Introducing a
new way to build
your workforce.

Access a suite of services that resonates.

  • Contract Staffing

    With contract-to-direct services, we’ll find you a temporary employee that has the potential for full-time placement once you're confident that they have the skills and capabilities you’re looking for.

    • Empowered workforce
    • Perfect match employees
    • Time & cost savings
    • Reduced hiring risk
  • Permanent Hiring

    Gain access to a talent pool that makes finding the ideal hire easy. We’ll take care of any screening and vetting during your staffing and hiring process that you require so only the most qualified candidates are delivered to you.

    • Decreased cost per hire
    • Candidate screening
    • Pre-vetted applicants
    • Shortened search time
  • Payrolling

    Our flexible payrolling services make navigating the classification process for indirect employees a thing of the past. Our consultants take care of it for you, all while saving you time and money.

    • Relationship management
    • Reduced administrative work
    • No conversion fee
    • Cost savings
  • Executive Search

    Our executive search services utilize unique sourcing strategies, strong relationships, and an alliance partnership to find effective leaders for your company.

    • Access a large talent pool
    • Pre-vetted, qualified candidates
    • Industry-specific executives
    • Unique & strategic approach
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    Don’t have the time, energy, or patience for recruitment processing? Outsource those tasks to us. As an efficient job consultancy, we’ll make sure the right people are in place at your business.

    • Fewer administrative burdens
    • Optimized resources
    • Hyper-focused strategies
    • Peace of mind
"Acara Solutions India is one of a kind recruitment company and works hard at relationship-building. This is the main reason why I highly recommend them and they genuinely customize processes to meet our needs."
– Semiconductor Industry Customer