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  • E-Book Cover for the Acara India E book Technology Interview Guide For Hiring Managers

    Technology Interview Guide For Hiring Managers

    Interviews are essential to the hiring process as they allow employers to assess whether potential tech candidates have the skills, experience, and qualifications needed to perform the job. Interviews enable the employer to evaluate the candidate’s technical skills, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit. They can also help the candidate learn more about your...
  • E-Book Cover for the Acara India Job Posting Guide How to Attract the Attention of Qualified Candidates

    How to Attract the Attention of Qualified Candidates - Job Posting Guide

    Whether you’re looking to hire a contract employee to help with seasonal work or a C-suite executive, a great job posting is critical to attracting the attention of qualified candidates. An informative, inclusive, and interesting job posting will ensure you’re attracting the best talent without having to spend time sifting through a slew of unqualified...
  • E-Book Acara India Interview Guide for Job Seekers COVER

    Interview Guide for Job Seekers

    Secured an interview? Great! Now, it’s time to prepare for what’s to come. Our team at Acara Solutions India has you covered with our latest interview guide for job seekers. We’ll teach you how to prepare for and navigate your way through the interview process to land your dream job. From interview prep tips and...
  • E-Book Acara India Dig Talent Ebook

    A Guide to Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Digital Talent Acquisition

    Despite the wide-scale technological advancement and innovation taking place around the world, a digital talent shortage currently exists. According to a study by LinkedIn and CapGemini, 54% of businesses state that the digital talent gap is hampering their digital transformation programs. Moreover, these same businesses claim to have lost a competitive advantage over industry rivals...
  • E-Book ACR India Hiring Reputation feature

    What Is Your Hiring Reputation?

    With most prospective candidates beginning their job search online, it’s important to make sure that your company’s reputation is up-to-par. Aside from good publicity, having a positive company reputation is a huge hiring advantage. Reputable companies often attract better candidates, and tend to be able to hire with lower compensation. Managing your online reputation and...
  • E-Book Interview Tips for Team Leaders

    Interview Tips for Team Leaders

    Arguably the most critical piece of the hiring process, interviews can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience for any job candidate. But much like the individuals who they’re interviewing, hiring managers also have a responsibility to be on their “A-game” during these conversations. Not only do these decision-makers need to ask the right questions to...
  • E-Book Acara India ebook feature

    Dynamics of the Gig Economy

    Gig Economy: Changing the Landscape of Staffing and Recruitment Industry The current situation has shaken the staffing and recruiting industry to its core. As companies have been forced to allow their employees to work from home or a remote setting, the market for gig economy workers and freelancers has exploded. Amid this pandemic, the Indian...

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