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The Best Ways To Catch A Recruiter’s Attention

A strong relationship with executive recruiters is a vital part of an executive career management strategy, although for many catching their attention seems like a daunting task. Nevertheless, there are several steps job seekers can take to increase their chances of success significantly.

Here are a few ideas on how to do precisely that.


One of the primary ways to sift through job applicants is by examining their skillset. Can they do the job, and can they do it efficiently? These are the most important questions on every recruiter’s mind. Hard skills can be easy to observe based on the facts in your resume, cover letter, and interview. When looking to hire positions with unique skillsets, such as engineers, candidates’ overall technical know-how cannot be ignored. If candidates don’t have the right skills, it won’t be possible for them to do the job without significant training. Of course, if the candidate lacks experience, they should communicate and express a desire to learn and pick up those skills.


Experience plays an important factor in the candidate hiring process. If applicants have shown success in similar jobs, they’ll probably be able to replicate their performance in a new role. This proven track record of success will be critical to enhancing employment opportunities. In situations where companies are forced to choose between a candidate with experience and one without, it makes sense to select the former. Of course, professional experience isn’t everything. Candidates can also differentiate themselves by possessing skill-based certificates and having taken online training courses, as well.


A perceptive interviewer can quickly pick up on interviewees that are fast-talking, withholding, misleading, or dishonest. It is critical that in all interactions with your recruiter, you are open and forthcoming. It’s OK to admit that you have previously been terminated due to a difference of opinion with your boss, a culture mismatch, or a mistake with a lesson learned. This information will be revealed during candidate reference checks, so it’s better to be up-front about past experiences. And remember—transparency always wins!


Reliability is one of the most important workplace attributes for any candidate to have. It shows your future boss what they can expect from your performance and dedication to the company if you were to be hired. Candidates can showcase their reliability by being prompt for interviews or meetings.