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With our Employer of Record—otherwise known as payrolling—services, Acara acts as a contract worker’s official employer while that worker performs services for you. As the payroller for your contract hires, we assume all employee classification responsibilities, absorb all relationship management and clerical duties, and protect you from sensitive co-employment risks. In addition to alleviating administrative…

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Navin's Blog

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen our coworkers in the office. The remote work model has taken hold due to COVID-19, and business and employees are making many changes to remain productive. This is a true test for companies across industries. How we react now, and how we treat our workers and customers,…

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Nags Blog!

“Together, We Can Put a Personal Touch on Staffing and Workforce Solutions” – Nagarajan C., VP, Operations. Nagarajan is an engineering graduate with a thorough understanding of the manufacturing industry. Drawing on his years of experience handling application engineering and manufacturing operations, Nagarajan heads Acara Solutions India’s Non-IT hiring solutions. Nagarajan’s focus on process-oriented execution…

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Acara Solutions India Partners with Gaius Networks Inc.

Acara Solutions India, country’s leading staffing and recruitment firm has onboarded a New York based tech startup Gaius Networks Inc, effective April 2019. Acara Solutions India would be rendering the services like staffing and payrolling for the Indian employees of Gaius Network Inc for the next 10 to 12 months. Founded in 2018, Gaius Networks…

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