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Workshop on “How to Communicate Efficiently”

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others” – A Workshop On How to Communicate Efficiently!

Recently, Acara Solutions India, Aleron Company and SDI International Corp. held a workshop on “Story Telling” on September 20, 2019 at Bangalore Office. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Anuradha Sathe, Sr. Manager Customer Intelligence and Transformation, Lenovo. Anuradha, being an expert in business communication laid an emphasis on the fact that getting your message delivered across in way that is clear and coherent is a critical skill in both, professional and personal life. The workshop identified the vital ingredients of any conversation.
The workshop was one of its kind as Anuradha emphasized on being a ‘Better Communicator’ by exploring the communication process and how different communication styles affect the delivery of the message effectively and efficiently.

The workshop was attended by 20+ employees across the various domains of organization, where Anuradha showcased the importance of Story Telling by showcasing several relevant video clips and case study, which kept the employees engaged in this interactive workshop.
The idea behind the workshop was to:

  • Become a better communicator by examining the key ingredients to any conversation – Ethos or ethical appeal, means to convince an audience of the speaker’s credibility, Pathos or emotional appeal to persuade audience by appealing to their emotions and Logos or the appeal to logic, means to convince an audience by the use of logic or reason
  • Appreciate the art of conversation through the role of speaker, listener and observer
  • Create the best possible communication environment for communicating through empath, asking the relevant questions and understanding the person’s perception
  • Understand how non-verbal communication and feedback influence as how your message is perceived

About Anuradha Sathe:

Anuradha – hardcore professional & very knowledgeable. Currently, she is working with Lenovo as Sr. Manager Customer Intelligence & Transformation –WW
She holds 19+ years of experience in Program Management & Marketing along with expertise in formulating marketing strategy, creating/positioning brands, determining strategic business direction and executing aggressive project plans
Prior to Lenovo, she has worked with the firms like HP, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Reliance Communications & Triton Communications, Inc.
With excellent leadership skills, her ability to direct, motivate and lead is imperative to a team’s success and performance
An excellent team builder: She exhibits the quality of a strong anchor to keep the team together for working towards a common goal and objective. She reinforces positive attitudes and inspires employees.
With an ever-ready backpack, carrying a bare minimum paraphernalia, she unwinds herself seeking company of mother nature, exploring and unraveling the unexplored. Yes, she can be called as a modern day nomad who loves travelling and finds it to be a perfect detox for her.

Adventure seems to be her middle name as she loves indulging herself in every sort of adventure sport. Sky diving, Scuba diving, Snorkeling and Parasailing rides are some of the activities that are already ticked from her checklist.
Wildlife Safaris, Camping and numerous treks, including 3 Himalayan Treks and few in Western Ghats, she has done it all and craves for many such adventurous getaways to experience that adrenaline rush.

Some of the feedback from the employees were:

Deepthi Prakash, Lead Recruitment: It was an interactive workshop by Ms. Anuradha, which helped to understand the importance of expressing with the right emotions and context (effective communication) – Informative and insightful.

Jeyanth Babu T R, Sr. Manager, IT recruitment: The workshop an eye opener for all who attended. It gave all of us a clarity and whole new dimension on the ways to put forth our thoughts. Looking forward for many more workshops like this one.

Sonal Paresh, Asst. Manager, Sales & BD: It was one of a kind workshop which was very interactive and we really enjoyed the team building activities, especially solving the case study. Looking for more of such workshops.

Mary Christina, Sr. Manager, Sales & BD: Overall, the workshop was great! We all know how to communicate, but to communicate efficiently – I would say it was a reminder for all of us – Choices of words and emotions while communicating our messages. Anuradha put that across to the audience really efficiently. A great learning indeed!

Suresh S, National Sales Head: The workshop was informative, interactive and insightful. Anuradha conducted the workshop which captivated the attention of the participants and she had a thorough knowledge of the subject. Workshops like these can really help the teams.

Navaneel Das, VP, IT Operations: This workshop was helpful and should be conducted more often on several useful topics/modules for the all the teams – Acara and SDI.

Aravind D., Lead, IT Recruitment: I would like to thank Maruthi and Anuradha for the workshop. It was a valuable session which made us aware of the effective ways of communication. I request the team to come up with more such workshops, which would help both our personal and professional growth.

Bindu, Lead, Recruitment: Thanks for arranging the workshop. Overall, it was an inspiring workshop!

Poojitha, Sr. Recruitment Specialist, IT: I really liked the way Anuradha conducted the whole workshop. More sessions like these would be helpful for us to improve our interpersonal and communication skills.

Rajendra, Lead, Recruitment, IT– Great workshop!

Deepa, Sr. Recruitment Specialist, Sales -The workshop informative and I learned the other effective factors for efficient communication.

Supratim Roy, Sr. Manager, Procurement, SDI: This was a great initiative. The workshop was very informative – the examples, specially the videos were very appropriate and to the point. Very thought provoking workshop – The workshop was addressing a vast subject and in a stand-alone way which is very difficult to achieve, but it did accomplish a huge distance in terms of the intended goal – I am sure over the time with more improvements and extra time/ sessions this workshop would be turn out to be an even better one. Keep up the great job!

Santano Tryston Dcruz, EMEA, Procurement, SDI: It was a good experience and effective in terms of its objectives. The tasks were a unique which took as back to our childhood. It would have been even better if we had more time towards discussion on applying the 3 principles in our day to day activities, understanding that Anuradha packed a one-day session in 2 hours.

Prabhhita Kakkar, HR, SDI: Pros: I would like to thank Maruthi for organising the workshop. This was the second workshop conducted by Anuradha in our office and we could completely relate to her style of delivery. The workshop was informative, interesting and highlighted few components which even after knowing, we tend to miss or ignore subconsciously. The interesting component of workshop was its team activity in which every member of the team was equally involved and contributing. Overall, fun Workshop!
Cons: Too many activities before even starting of workshop, looked uninteresting.

Balasubramani P., Team Lead, SDI: The workshop was informative and motivational. Thoroughly enjoyed exploring the young side of mine and ‘patience’- for take away from this workshop as a key trait.

Manjula KG, Sr. Procurement Analyst: I would like to thank Maruthi for giving an opportunity to participate in work shop. I learnt about “Perception” which matters a lot both in Personal and Professional life. Overall, it was a nice experience participating in workshop and expecting many in future.