HR Tech Summit & Awards 2024   Best Diversity & Leadership Hiring

Acara Solutions India Wins HR Tech Best Diversity & Leadership Hiring Award

Acara Solutions India was recognized during the 2024 HR Tech Summit & Awards with a Best Diversity & Leadership Hiring Award. The summit, now in its fifth year, brought together human resources leaders to discuss how they are embracing new technologies to foster talent development and improve employee well-being. 

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Acara partners with businesses in India to provide a diverse pool of talent, which can lead to higher productivity, greater collaboration, and better outcomes. 

“Acara is proud to lead the way in making our workplaces more diverse and inclusive,” said Navin Gautham, Country Manager for Acara Solutions India. “Organizations comprised of people with different backgrounds, skills, experiences, and perspectives are stronger and more efficient and effective.” 

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Women’s representation in leadership positions has increased over the years due to supportive leadership, gender-inclusive hiring, promotion practices, and employer diversity initiatives. However, research shows that obstacles to career advancement among women in India still exist. In a recent survey of women in India, 70 per cent identified work-life balance as the primary obstacle to career advancement, and 55 per cent advocated for specialised upskilling programs for women returning to work after a career break. 

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