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Congratulations to Sashikala Skylab, Promoted to HR Director

Sashikala joined Aleron Shared Resources in 2011 during a crucial expansion time. She brought years of prior experience and her knowledge helped the organization ramp up our resources. Since then, she has been a great ambassador for our organization and has held different designations of her employment from an HR Generalist, HR Manager, and most recently, Senior HR Manager.

In 2013, the Aleron team took over the operations of Acara India as well as operations and HR services for SDI India. So, in a short span of two years, Sashikala expanded her role to oversee all three companies. It was a huge task and not an easy transition. Acara India had separate and different processes and policies, and SDI needed to develop policies. Sashi developed all the policies for Aleron and SDI from scratch and streamlined all policies and payroll processes for Acara India to be in line with our industry standards and corporate policies.

“After seeing Sashi’s drive over a two-year period, we were confident she would be able to tackle the challenge and she did,” said Navin Gautham, India Country Manager.

Sashikala has shown great temperament when it comes to handling employee issues. She is a good listener and a very neutral decision-maker. She has built great trust and faith over the years through her hard work and commitment.

Congratulations, Sashi!