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Top HR and Recruitment Blogs You Need to Follow

As an integral part of every business, HR professionals need to be kept in the know about emerging trends and evolving topics. Due to advancements in technology and continuous changes in policies and legislation, HR experts in India must stay attuned to this dynamic environment.

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Want to stay abreast of the HR industry’s latest happenings? Our team at Acara Solutions India put together the most knowledgeable and informative HR and recruitment blogs you need to follow. Take a look at our list below.

Undercover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter is “numero uno” when dealing with recruitment and career advice. Featuring diversified and thought-provoking posts, this blog targets recruiting and HR professionals as well as job seekers. From industry trends and CV tips to interview techniques and workplace best practices, learn more from an assortment of different voices in the HR industry.

HR Bartender

Written by Sharlyn Lauby—an HR pro turned consultant—the HR Bartender discusses workplace issues in a lighthearted way. Sharlyn is an avid foodie and tries to weave drink-related topics into her articles. She offers a “Bar Menu” featuring an amalgamation of different HR and recruitment topics. Posts are ordinarily based in a Q&A format, enabling Sharlyn to answer questions submitted by professionals across the world.

Fistful of Talent

Launched by Kris Dunn in 2007, Fistful of Talent is a group blog written by an all-star collection of recruiters, HR professionals, talent managers, and expert consultants. This group of authors breaks from typical industry norms by using their wit and humor to analyze HR and recruitment practices. They often write about trending topics and offer strategies to improve issues like employee turnover, work-life balance, and job scarcity.


With over 20 years of experience as an online platform for recruiters, ERE provides access to a wide network of HR professionals. The site is today recognized for its need-to-know information specifically aimed at corporate recruiting specialists and offers a bevy of information on sourcing, recruitment marketing, and candidate experience. Not only is ERE an outstanding peer-to-peer site, but it is also incredibly informative by releasing data from surveys and industry research.

The Evil HR Lady

Published by Suzanne Lucas, this blog satirizes the common misconception that “all HR professionals are evil—it’s in our job description.” With a candid writing style, Suzanne’s blog posts are written in a fun and easy-to-read manner. The Evil HR Lady also solicits questions from individuals around the world and tries to help solve their real HR problems. Her goal is to demystify the world of human resources for both pundits and people outside the industry.

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