Time to Break Barriers, Rise, and Flourish: Session on Inspiring Women

“You are all Superwomen!”

Her words reverberated around the room, in our minds, and at the bottom of our hearts.

Anuradha Sathe, Lenovo’s Senior Manager of Customer Intelligence and Transformation worldwide, was conducting an inspirational speech to the women employees of Acara Solutions India. We hung on her every word.

“You inspire people around you knowingly or unknowingly”, she urged us. “All you need is to invest in yourself! Now is the time to break the barriers of your comfort zone and you will prosper and flourish in life.”

In this one-of-a-kind session, Acara employees took full advantage of the interactive opportunities provided, and Ms. Sathe did not disappoint. With real-life examples of commoners who rose above adversity to effect meaningful change in society, Ms. Sathe delivered a systematic and streamlined session that covered leadership skills, methods to leaping out of your comfort zone, and ways to maximise efficiencies in every aspect of our lives.

“She inspired all of us to the core”, said Prabhhita Kakkar, and HR Specialist who attended the event. “We’re so grateful to hear Anuradha Sathe speak and thankful to PC Maruthi for introducing her to us.”

Mr. Maruthi, Country Manager of SDI, deserves credit for arranging the session at Aleron’s Bangalore location.

“It is very exciting that the turnout, speech, and reception was so terrific”, said Maruthi. “It is very important to honour women in our workforce and I am so happy there were many highlights to enjoy”.

One such highlight featured an emphasis on the idea of “investing in yourself”, which Ms. Anuradha immaculately explained as the process of giving some time to yourself, and to never give up on your dreams. Anuradha, a passionate photographer and an artist, encouraged all attendees to develop a leisure activity or hobby that would give the sense of purpose.

The feelings were contagious in the most wonderful way.

“Anyone around you can inspire and inspiration need not to come from any one source particular”, said Navin Gautham P., Director & Country Manager of Acara India. “Even the smallest of the positivity around you can inspire you. Women of today are powerful, well-versed, well-equipped, and independent. At Acara, we acknowledge the importance of diversity hiring as it fosters healthier organisational culture leading to increased profitability and opportunities for the employees”.

Employee Testimonials:

“As a mother, housewife and a working woman, I really felt that this session was indispensable for our employees and the traits like leadership skills are the salient feature for any employee and the growth of women today is incomparable. I thank Anuradha for inspiring us with her insightful session”.

Sashikala, HR Manager


“Anuradha herself being a thorough professional and a great orator, it was an enlightening session for all of us. She inspired all of us to the core. We all talk about women inspiring the society today and little do we realise that we all need timeout sessions regularly which gives us the sense of happiness and purpose. Anuradha’s session was interactive and lively and it was interesting to hear experiences from everyone”.

Prabhhita Kakkar, HR


“I would like to thank Maruthi as it was a great initiative. Anuradha’s presence itself was filled with positivity. Her session was full of examples right from the leading role models to the common people which motivated us. The real life success stories narrated by her during the session were full of spunk and left us with nothing but true inspiration”.

–  Mary Christina, Sr. Manager


“Whole session was inspirational but I would like to quote few lines from the session by Anuradha, which really inspired me – Be a magician of your life & be yourself. Let the world know who you are and what you can do and follow your passion”.

Deepika Singh, Recruitment Specialist


Anuradha’s session was the source of positivity and inspiration. I would really like to thank her for the session as it was an eye-opener for all of us. The need of the hour is that women really need to invest in themselves – be it time, money or energy! Today’s fast-paced world demands lot of commitment out of you. It is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to let your emotions flow through and it is ok to take a break! I am really thankful to Anuradha for her session which kept all of us engaged throughout”.

– Deepthi Prakash, Lead- Recruitment