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Simple Steps to Choose the Right Recruitment Agency

In today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring the ideal job candidate is quite hard. Therefore, many companies turn to recruitment agencies to help them discover the right people for their open job positions.

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Determine Your Niche:

Always look for an agency that is specialized in your industry. It will be important to find an agency that can connect you to the right network and speak your language. If your agency of choice can communicate in the same way as your industry’s experts and has a thorough understanding of the trends and nuances of the industry, it can have a positive impact when they are presenting your case to potential employers.

Follow the Recruitment Agency’s Social Media Activity:

Find an agency that stays in touch with the latest developments in the job market and has a reputation for success. As social media is the preferred means of communication for many people, reputable recruitment agencies tend to post regular updates on their social channels to stay in touch with their network and keep them informed of sector-specific updates. While LinkedIn is the preferred channel of communication for many firms, it is also worthwhile to check out their Facebook pages for a better understanding of its key areas of expertise.

Try Before You Buy:

When you find an agency that you like, ask if they have a pilot program or would recruit for a few current positions that your team has been working on. This will allow you to “test” them out before committing to a long-term contract. From the agency’s perspective, they are at the cusp of gaining a great new client, and so they will be more motivated to accept those terms and eager to prove themselves. If they insist on agreeing to a long-term contract without a certain period of time that gives you the option of a “trial run,” then you may want to reconsider.

Reputation Matters:

Like any business, reputation in the recruitment industry is paramount. It’s easy for an agency to boast about its best-in-class hiring approach, but what its previous clients have to say may be an entirely different matter.

The best method to ensure that you’re receiving top quality service when it comes to recruitment is to examine the firm’s client base. An agency with a few long-standing, loyal clients will likely be much more successful than an agency that has a lot of clients who never returned to use their services. It can really pay dividends to research a firm’s reputation before making a partnership decision.

Recruitment and Hiring Strategies:

Asking a recruitment firm about its recruitment and hiring strategies before making a decision is a must. Many agencies use pre-screening tests and candidate verification steps to ensure that their candidates are as skilled as they say they are. Asking to review these steps and strategies can give you great insight into how well the recruitment agency will work for you. If you feel that these strategies aren’t up to your standards, it’s time to move on.

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Good luck—and happy hiring!