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How to Hire a SaaS Developer: Q&A with Sayantan Biswas

Have you ever thought, “I want to use this software program, but I don’t want to download it?”

If so, you’re probably one of the 14 billion SaaS customers worldwide.

SaaS, or software-as-a-service, is a cloud-based platform that allows users to pay for subscriptions to software programs. No downloads. No installations. No maintenance.

Yes, SaaS is a convenient business solution, mostly because it requires little more than a couple of bucks and an internet connection. Platforms like Keka, HackerRank, and Paperflite, for example, are just three of the top 35 SaaS companies in India.

And even though the threat of an economic downturn may threaten global SaaS financial growth, the SaaS market is predicted to reach a valuation of $307 billion by 2026.

So, what does this mean to you, the hiring manager? That’s exactly what we asked Sayantan Biswas, a Senior Manager of Business Development with Acara Solutions, in this SaaS-specific Q&A. Here’s what they had to say.

Which industries are benefiting most from SaaS platforms?

In 2022, we saw SaaS disrupt India’s IT sector and startup community—so much so that India was heralded as “the next global SaaS capital.”

This year, we expect to see SaaS trend upward in healthcare as a demand for digital health records goes up. Metaverse integrations will call for flexible networks that can facilitate the most immersive experiences. And, according to reports, more smartphone users will depend on SaaS to manage “super apps.”

Consider asking job candidates which industry trends they are most excited about seeing in SaaS in 2023. They don’t have to name any of the three we just mentioned, but if they can give you some definitive examples, you’ll get a sense of how passionate or “dialed in” they are to their field.

What does the ideal SaaS developer look like?

Nobody’s perfect, but high-quality SaaS developers should have a demonstrable understanding of certain programming languages, specifically JavaScript and SQL (most popular for general purposes), and Python (high-level, server-side language), Node (efficient and robust), and Ruby (object-oriented).

It’s easy to add a list of programming languages to a job posting, which you should certainly do. But you can do more. Give job candidates an opportunity to discuss the languages they are most familiar with. Can you think of a cloud-based solution your company could benefit from? It’s okay if you can’t, but your job candidates should have at least one answer to that question. A base-level response, for example, might explain how cloud computing can help your company handle and sort data.

Where should I look for SaaS developers?

If you’re an established company, consider looking for candidates who have experience working at a startup company. Revisit the top 20 SaaS companies in 2022, but don’t stop there. Look at the top SaaS startups in India in 2023. Then search for employers—former or current—at those companies on LinkedIn.

If you’re a startup company, do just the opposite. Look for experienced developers who might be looking for a fresh start at an emerging business. The opportunity to work with emerging technologies in a fun and exciting environment could be a major selling point in the recruitment process.

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