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Leading from the Front: Navin Gautham P., A Q&A with Acara Solutions India Country Manager & Director

What is your role with Acara Solutions India? 

As Country Manager and Director of Acara Solutions India, I’m responsible for driving our company’s continued growth and success. I have the privilege and pleasure of working with people across the organization—the recruiting team, business development, management, leadership. Every day is different and brings a new set of challenges.

What interesting facts can you share about yourself? 

I love traveling and meeting people from diverse backgrounds, learning about different cultures, and trying new foods.

How you would describe your management style? 

I make it a point to have facetime with the members of my team—there is no substitute for one-on-one communication. I maintain an open door policy where anyone is welcome to raise concerns or propose new and improved ways of doing things. I don’t micromanage, but instead, empower employees to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities.

How do you measure success? 

For me, success is not only about the numbers—it’s about the efforts and intents of our team to serve our clients and strengthen our organization as a whole.

What trends are we seeing in India’s staffing and recruitment industry, and what’s in store for 2019? 

While the overwhelming majority of contract workers in India are eventually converted to direct employees, businesses still see the value in using outside firms to find these workers and serve as their employer of record before placing them on their own payrolls. Direct placements are reserved primarily for niche, tough-to-fill positions, while contract arrangements are common across all job types and industries. Looking ahead, candidates can expect a stronger market offering more opportunities. The automotive, IT, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries in particular are preparing to scale up to meet growing demand. Lastly, new technologies—AI, machine learning, even blockchain—are becoming more sophisticated and will continue to change how we find work, the jobs available to us, and the ways companies manage and engage employees.

What sets Acara Solutions India apart from other staffing and recruitment firms? 

At Acara, we don’t just fill jobs. We help candidates navigate the hiring process from start to finish, taking time to understand their qualifications and career goals and placing them in positions where we’re confident they’ll succeed. On the client side, we offer a level of high-touch, personalized service that others in our industry just can’t match. We are also backed by Aleron Group, which has been delivering talent and workforce solutions for more than 60 years. The expertise, resources, and best practices Aleron brings to the table have been critical to our success since we joined forces in 2010.

What is your vision for Acara Solutions India? 

We want Acara to be one of India’s top staffing and recruitment firms for direct placement, contract hiring, executive search, and RPO solutions. Our commitment to developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with clients, candidates, and partners—coupled with our industry experience and personalized approach—has already made us a trusted staffing partner to many of the country’s leading organizations, and we’re excited to continue growing.


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