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Preparing for Festival Season Hiring with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

With festival season right around the corner, Indian businesses are preparing for a large increase in consumer demand. Estimates from Forrester show that e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 42 percent compared to 2020 numbers. To support this significant business growth, research conducted by The Hindu Business Line has shown that e-commerce hiring has expanded tremendously in recent months.

According to the study, companies like Flipkart and Amazon have seen a record number of new seasonal employee hires. Flipkart has announced plans to create direct employment for over 1.15 lakh people, while Amazon is looking to generate over 1.10 lakh in seasonal jobs.

Is your e-commerce business trying to hire during the festival season? Are you having trouble attracting workers and keeping pace with large e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon? Learn how Acara Solutions India can build a customized recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution to support your hiring ramp-ups during the holiday season.

15 Facts Businesses Need to Know About Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Greater scalability

In today’s business climate, outsourced talent acquisition services that can be scaled up or pared down in an instant are in great demand. And for Indian companies in the e-commerce space, a scalable solution is the key to recruiting success during the busy festival season. With an RPO service, a team of dedicated recruiters is deployed to support your hiring needs. Whether your business is looking to hire an abundance of warehouse workers, website specialists, or development experts, the team of RPO recruiters can connect you with the workers you need, when you need them. And when the festival season is over and your hiring needs normalize, you can drop the RPO solution—with no ramifications or penalty.

Better candidate quality

By outsourcing your hard-to-fill jobs to a team of RPO recruiters, your organization will benefit from greater quality. Why? When engaging with a team of skilled recruitment specialists, they will fully immerse themselves in your industry and pick up on the nuances of your business. Being able to effectively communicate with prospective candidates about specific software or different types of programming languages is extremely important in facilitating effective employee attraction efforts. Partnering with a proven RPO provider can enhance your quality of talent—thereby maximizing your talent acquisition functions and optimizing business operations.

Enhanced time-to-fill

When it comes to recruiting, time is of the essence. Are your HR or TA teams equipped to take on large-scale sourcing and recruiting tasks, or do they find themselves stretched thin? Rebounding from the pandemic, these two groups were hit hard when overcoming limited staff and seemingly unlimited responsibilities. By engaging with an outsourced recruitment partner, your business can alleviate burdensome recruiting functions from your HR and TA leaders. Aligning with the right RPO provider can tap into their pools of qualified and pre-screened candidates to help you expedite your recruiting process and meet tight hiring deadlines—giving you the workers you need just in time for festival season.

Reduced advertising costs

Take it from the pros: recruitment marketing can be expensive. The costs associated with posting your open positions on job boards or advertising on social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn can add up in a hurry. But when working with an outsourced talent provider, these marketing costs are absorbed into the overall RPO pricing model. Companies can benefit from RPO providers’ access to job boards, social media tools, AI-powered sourcing platforms, and next-generation recruiting tools to locate and engage with qualified candidates. By choosing the right RPO partner, you can even conduct behavioral assessments or skill-based exams that can help you make more informed, data-driven hiring decisions.

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