How to succeed in a telephonic interview:

So you made it to the interview process.

Before you think of your in-person strategy, think again.

Nowadays, there’s a step before the in-person interview: The Telephonic Interview!

Cross-border hiring means an initial telephonic round becomes even more important. Employers are increasingly opting for telephonic rounds to screen candidates, which helps them to remove the unnecessary expenses and time required for on-site meet-ups. Not being face-to- face means, you need to bring more than your A-game. You might have the best intentions, but what you say and how you say (tone, pace and inflection) can very easily be misinterpreted.

So before you hit your phone interview, keep these points in mind:

  1. Be well prepared: Be it a company profile, job description or your interviewer, be very well prepared and do your research. Try to insert statements such as, “I read about the company” and “What specific skills and qualities are you looking in the candidate for this position? This demonstrates your interest in the company and the job.


  1. Take care of the basics: Noisy interruptions like blaring car horns, dogs barking and crying children are a big turn off! If possible, be in an isolated room without any disturbing background noise. If possible, use a landline connection as it can be more reliable, and if not, then keep your cellphone well charged and make sure to attend the call in a place where your reception is at its best.


  1. Conciseness, Concentration and Courtesy: Conciseness: Telephonic interviews are usually shorter than the in-person interview process. So, be very precise and avoid long-winded answers which may lead to the loss of interest. Rehearse your answers to the most probable questions from the interviewer. Concentration: Stay focused and be prompt during the call. If you feel you are easily distracted during the call, it shows. Listen to the questions and other details carefully. Courtesy: Be professional and polite and end your interview with a “thank you”. The last few words of the conversation are the most remembered.


  1. Follow up: After 24-48 hours of the interview, send an email thanking the interviewer for the opportunity and summarizing the telephonic round. The subject line should be your name and the position you applied for.


Remember, if you want this job, now is the time to restate your interest. If possible, do mention in your follow-up e-mail about when you can meet your interviewer in person.

Good Luck with your interview!