What is a Perfect Job Description?


A job description is not only about a job opening at your company. It’s your first point of contact with the job seekers. You brand yourself as a great organization to work for. It is like a sales pitch to captivate the attention of the professionals, and persuade them to apply.

Writing a perfect job description is tricky but following these tips can make your job description stand out in the market in a better way for your job opening.

Keep it straight with the job title: Using the titles like “Rockstar Biz Dev”, “Web Marketing Guru” and “Resident Hacker” won’t generate more views and attract applicants to apply on your openings. Instead, keep it straight like Business Development Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and Network Security Engineer.
Stick with the standard job titles and search-friendly keywords and you’ll have more people clicking on your openings and going through your job openings.

Show a stronger Career Path: Make an impact! Highlight how the new hire will grow in this job opening. Market the job opening by showing that how important this role is to the organization and how the business will grow. Also, describe what success and growth looks like in this role.
For Example: Instead of writing “The incumbent will provide leadership to the direct sales team”, try “You’ll be responsible to lead and motivate a sales team to increase the revenue by 20% in your first year”

Identify and attract Qualified Candidates: Mentioning skills in the job description is very essential for attracting the qualified set of job applications. Avoid laundry list of the skill sets which is most likely to confuse the applicants.

Think about the industry background and experience needed and chalk down the skills, roles and responsibilities needed in the candidate. But do identify the mandatory skills sets and “nice to have” ones before mentioning them in the job description.

Picture of your company culture: Your job description must be the window of your organization’s culture. The description must be infused with your company’s personality. Give a snippet of your company’s vision and values. Usually, the top recruitment agencies and organizations include the pictures and videos to illustrate the culture.
Mobile First: Today, it is all about the small screens! More than 50% of jobs over LinkedIn are viewed over mobile phones which means every word counts. Keep your description short, concise and bulleted for easy reading. Before posting, test the job description on your own mobile phone and make sure there are not more than 3 scrolls down.