Top Tools in the Recruiting World

The recruiting world is highly competitive. With the overall talent shortage and the fading glory of the Indian IT industry, the competition has been intensified. It is becoming harder to capture the attention of in-demand candidates who are being flooded with calls and emails every day. Fortunately, there are several recruiting tools that can help recruiters beat the competition and efficiently connect with the right candidates.

Top Recruiting Tools:


This has been considered every recruiter’s best friend. The concept of an ATS is not new, but the number of options and innovation in this space has increased by leaps and bounds. With the introduction and advancement of AI, the envelope is constantly being pushed to increase productivity for recruiters. Applicant tracking systems give a recruiter access to a wide range of candidate resumes and profiles. These profiles also include their niche skillsets, which are harder to fill.

Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn is the premier social media tool for recruiting and top social network for business professionals. When it comes to social media recruiting, recruiters should focus on positioning the company as a thought leader in the industry. Instead of going after candidates, the company can attract the right talent pool organically by fostering conversations and building relationships. It proves to be more fruitful in the long when you build trust and value over time.

Job Boards

One of the biggest ways recruitment was revolutionized was with job boards, especially the major players in the space like Indeed, Naukri and Monster. These portals can be a huge boost for harder-to-fill roles in the huge talent pool. While job boards can be helpful, it’s important to remember that they are only an initial source of conversation and cannot secure talent on their own. To cope with an increasing demand for specialized candidate skillsets, niche job boards are becoming more prevalent. These niche job boards cater to the specific industries, segments, markets or even regions.


There have been enormous technological advancements since the bots came in to existence in late 90’s. Continuous evolution has helped in producing smart chatbots which can screen and interview candidates. But the candidates are equally smart, and heavy reliance on chatbots can make them feel neglected. Usage of chatbots is inevitable, especially in larger-volume organization. To make the most of the chatbots it is important to avoid relying on them exclusively and instead, treat them as merely a tool assisting the recruiters.

Employee Referrals:

There is no doubt that software tools and technology promise to revolutionize the recruiter’s role, but the stats still show that employee referrals have a 40% applicant conversion rate, stay longer with an organization and provide a shorter recruiting process for 67% of recruiters. So, employee referrals are still the king.

The core of recruiting is all about building trustworthy relationships with candidates. A good recruiter can be an ally and advance the career of a candidate. Regardless of the usage of the tools and technologies, the recruitment world is all about the relationship between a recruiter and candidate. A healthy recruiter-candidate relationship is what creates the difference despite of all the existing tools in this industry.