Top Highest Paying Tech Jobs In India In 2019

Top Highest Paying Tech-Jobs in India in 2019

The post-millennial and current Gen Z are all about disruption in the technology space, which has grown from one or two fields with limited number jobs to many fields and numerous job openings.

The technological revolution is at its best right now, and any technical skill added to a job seeker’s resume can be helpful in the future, whether it is a part of your academic major field or not. As tech departments continue to grow at most companies, acquiring such skills can result in winning a job that helps shape a person’s career path.

Are you ready for a career in tech? Here are the top 10 highest paying tech jobs in India in 2019:

  1. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers are in high demand because they are expected to oversee process development, coding, and scripting. Their job is also to practice fast coding, manage provision resources, and test IT infrastructure and software. These tech pros are also responsible for simplifying code to improve processes for their companies. Their salary ranges from $90,250 to $178,250 as their job isn’t easy at all.

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst

These tech professionals are well-versed in database technology, reporting tools, and analytics. Business Intelligence Analyst are usually majors in computer science and engineering or information systems, are required to understand unique data as per their organizations’ lines of business, and must effectively communicate info to the stakeholders. Their salary ranges from $85,750 to $178,000, depending on the location and level of expertise.

  1. Software Engineering Manager

The highest paid tech professionals to date, with a gross income of $163,500, are Software Engineers. These tech professionals lead a team with goals to develop, test, and research software, which is a vital role in maintaining any organization.

  1. Big Data Engineer

Today, organizations use huge amounts of raw data. As such, they require personnel who can transform a ton of raw data into insights on how to create hardware and software architecture plans that help businesses flourish. This is the most high-demand skill set, which means Big Data Engineers are paid well by their employers; the average salary for this position is approximately $155,500. Usually, the Big Data Engineers are computer science majors who have expertise in databases and mathematics.

  1. Data Warehouse Architect

Data Warehouse Architects have a dynamic role to play, depending on how developed their organization is. Their job is to oversee organizations’ data and prepare it for analyses. Along with a need for technical knowledge, Data Warehouse Architects must be good with political management because they need to communicate their analyses to other personnel from different departments. Their average salary is approximately $154,800.

  1. Software Development Manager

Software Development Managers are responsible for leading and managing a team of the individuals who develop and test certain systems or applications for a business. With a vital role in managing the commercial side of software development as it relates to customer, client, and legal requirements, their average salary is handsome: approximately $153,300.

  1. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are IT professionals with a broad spectrum of knowledge in statistics—they have the skills to make sense out of complicated data from various sources. With good communication skills and a solid business sense, Data Scientists can make good money. Add on the development of certain skills like Python, R and Java, and their midpoint salary can reach $121,500.

  1. Python Developer

Relatively new to the market, Python has acquired a reputation as an ever-growing tech skill in the industry, and Python developers are in demand more than ever. With an average salary of $116,379, this is the most wanted tech skill of 2019 and is now the most popular programming language to learn. As such, it is becoming an important skill for any technical candidate to acquire. Currently, Python developers are the highest paid software engineers in the tech department.

  1. AWS Certification

Amazon Web Services certifications have acquired quite a reputation in a short span of time. With an average salary of $112,984, the majority of IT developers are now looking forward to getting AWS Certification. By acquiring AWS Certification, job candidates can follow tech-centric pathways, such as becoming a solutions architect or SysOps Administrator.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

With the emergence of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM), the digital marketing field is booming—these areas of work have many job opportunities. As per a Glassdoor survey, a digital marketing manager can earn up to $96,597, depending on various factors (like company requirements) and job roles.