Top 5 Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2019

Top 5 Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2019

In 2018, widespread adoption of artificial intelligence and automation, coupled with growing demand for highly skilled workers, brought new disruption and innovation to the recruitment industry. During the coming year, our industry will continue to evolve as we optimize and streamline recruiting efforts to attract the best, most qualified talent. The job market has become increasingly candidate-driven and candidate-focused, and recruiters and hiring managers are shifting their approaches as a result.

Here are the top five trends we expect to dominate the recruitment industry in 2019:

 AI’s impact on how we do business

Traditionally, recruitment has been a lengthy and time-consuming process, but AI is working to change that. AI is allowing us to screen candidates more thoroughly—and quickly—to find out if they align with a company’s needs and culture. More recruitment firms are also deploying online chatbots to expedite the initial screening process and deliver candidates with only the most relevant and suitable backgrounds. When used properly, AI can strengthen our recruiting efforts by giving us tools and resources to carry out the hiring process in a more streamlined, strategic, and cost-efficient manner.

Learning from data and analytics

In our industry, speed is critical, as the best candidates don’t hang around for long and businesses often need to scale up swiftly to meet increased demand. And, while analytics aren’t new, recruiters are leaning on data more and more to drive their recruitment efforts and ensure they’re looking at the right places to find the right people. Much of the recruitment process now takes place online, where algorithms and analytics can help us identify the best-suited candidates for open jobs before even contacting them.

A focus on content to grow talent pools

Email remains a vital tool for recruiters. Personalized content, an efficient layout, and an engaging subject line can make a good email great. Recruiters must ensure that their email campaigns are GDPR compliant and that candidates have given them permission to email them.

To grow your mailing list—and ultimately, expand your candidate pool—you have to provide people with an incentive. Valuable content is a critical part of the equation and can be in the form of an email newsletter, eBook, blog post, whitepaper, or infographic. An email should always include a clear and prominent call-to-action (e.g., download this eBook for jobseeker tips!) to keep readers engaged.

A mobile-friendly candidate experience

Today’s jobseekers are tech-savvy and want a candidate experience that reflects the ease, accessibility, and responsiveness they’ve come to enjoy in other parts of life. Just as recruiters are taking advantage of new technologies to operate more efficiently, jobseekers are doing the same. More people are searching and applying for job opportunities through smartphones, making mobile responsive websites and apps a necessity for employers. Forward-thinking companies are more likely to partner with recruitment agencies that understand the importance of accessibility in attracting top talent.

Making it personal

Although our world is becoming increasingly automated, some things still require a personal touch. The most successful recruiters recognize the value of providing a positive experience for each and every candidate and developing longstanding relationships with the individuals they place. When candidates refer colleagues, friends, and family, it can significantly reduce the time the time spent on sourcing and screening, allowing recruiters to deliver a qualified candidate more quickly.

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