The Essential Traits of the Modern Recruiters

Modern STI Recruiters


If you haven’t figured it out by now that recruiting is sales then you are in a wrong business. Recruitment agencies in India are evolving and so are the recruiters. Job hunting is not the only role of a modern recruiter.

They also need to possess the following traits:

Good communicator and even better listener: Good communication skills are essential but if you cannot listen, you cannot deliver, and if you cannot deliver then you offer no value. So ask and listen! The better you know what your clients and job seekers are looking for, the easier it will be to find the perfect match. A great recruiter in a recruitment company pays attention, all the time!


Create sense of urgency so that no time is wasted: Candidates too have their jobs. So, without wasting the time job seekers should be made aware of the job description. Without urgency, hiring process results in lots of wasted time on the process started but not successfully completed.


Timing: A great recruiter will always have keen sense of timing as the majority of the candidates change the jobs when the time is right. So to have a sense of the right time is the key and it’s the job of a recruiter to track their career (via LinkedIn or job portals) and hit at the right moment!


Ability to filter: Usually the job description from a client comes with a laundry-list of the requirements and recruiters should be able to decipher which are truly the motivating factors for the candidates (of course by looking at their profiles). This will enable the recruiters to resource best talent for the opening.


Can Motivate, Support and Drive the candidates: A great recruiter can see what works and what doesn’t! Recruiters give interview preparation tips, interview procedure advice and pep talks during the stressful times.


Don’t post the jobs, Market the Jobs: Just like Customer acquisition, Talent acquisition services also require comprehensive marketing campaign. How a recruiter briefs the candidate about the job opening matters a lot!  A typical placement agency in India rolls out a job description as it is received from the client. But a good recruiter ensures that the requirements of the posts are matched with the skill sets of the candidate in a best manner.


`Not just database; it’s also about relationship building: Anyone can pull the profile from an ATS or any other database and place a call but the next level is to build relationship and cultivate them.


Philosophy of the company: One of the very essential traits of a good recruiter is that of following the scientific methods to hire the right team of talent who can adjust in your company without much hassle. Recruiters who work with the heads and managers of the recruitment company to find out underlying requirements of job roles really know what they are doing, when compared to those who sit in their offices all day long and roll out irrelevant job descriptions for different roles.