Revamp your marketing strategies for GenZ

Revamp your Marketing Strategies for Gen Z

We are entering an era where Generation Z, or Gen Z (people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s), will become the world’s largest demographic. Gen Z’s population will total an impressive 1.3 billion, and India’s Gen Z population will rise to 472 million by 2020 (according to a recent Bloomberg analysis).

Gen Z is uniquely diverse, tech savvy, and socially responsible, and businesses will need to use new recruitment strategies to appeal to the most talented individuals within the generation. But what exactly should your organisation do to ensure you don’t miss out on the new wave of great employees?

 Boost Your Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is the overall set of strategies and tools used by an organisation to attract talent. Recruitment marketing can include anything from digital marketing, to social media promotion, to data analytics, to targeted personal communication. Whatever tools you choose to include, recruitment marketing will be essential in hiring the best Gen Z workers.

Here are a few helpful insights that could help boost your recruitment marketing:

  • Generation Z is entrenched in the digital age, and according to a study, they are 33% more likely than millennials to discuss products, services, and brands online. To connect with potential Gen Z employees, your organisation needs a recruitment marketing approach that is tailored to digital natives who are likely to hold discussions about their professional lives in the digital space.
  • Generation Z is likely to be less brand loyal, and they also have plenty of choices for employment. So, utilising a recruitment marketing approach that forms genuine bonds from the outset will give you the best chance of hiring top Gen Z employees before they decide to take their talents elsewhere.

The best recruitment marketing strategies integrate personalisation, consistent candidate engagement, and a smooth hiring experience. Your recruiters can consider the following strategies to more efficiently target Gen Z candidates:

Personalise your employer value proposition (EVP).

Your EVP showcases the experience of working for your company and how new employees can grow their careers with you. In this age of personalised communication, your EVP should clearly communicate to Gen Z the unique value you provide to them. Consider what exactly your organisation has to offer, from your culture, to opportunities for growth, to monetary benefits, to continuing education.

Some helpful statistics to consider:

  • 74% of Gen Z believes that their job role should have a greater purpose
  • 84% of Gen Z looks for career progression and growth prospects as their top priority while seeking a job
  • 80% of Gen Z candidates would like their employers to help them develop job-specific skillsets
  • 70% of Gen Z is motivated by monetary benefits and remuneration

Sources: Monster, EY, Staffing Industry Analysts

  1. Take a candidate-centric approach.

This is a candidate-driven market, and job seekers are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. As per Talent Board research, 32% of job-seekers exited the interview process because of a poor relationship with a recruiter. The hiring experience for a candidate should be smooth, genuine, and enjoyable throughout all stages of the hiring process.

  • Application Stage: Emphasise the value of your workplace experience and analyse what candidates are expecting from their potential employer so you can make an informed decision about whether they fit with your culture
  • Interview Stage: Focus on the finer points of what your organisation can offer in terms of growth and career satisfaction, and be sure to point out anything that aligns with the candidate’s job expectations
  • Onboarding Stage: Communicate long-term growth prospects and set clear expectations with managers and co-workers about workplace etiquette and performance
  1. Use the right technology.

As mentioned, Gen Z is extremely tech savvy, and they utilise digital and social media to communicate far more than any other generation. Gen Z has a strong preference for multimedia content, which is reflected in their high use of YouTube and Instagram. Capitalise on this from a recruiting perspective. Consider creating video content to promote employment opportunities at your company. You could even conduct video interviews with Gen Z recruits to show them you’re aligned with their communication preferences.


Generation Z needs to experience your personal attention and highly targeted messaging throughout the entire hiring process. And the recruiters who are looking to hire from this generation need to modernise their recruitment marketing strategies through strategic communication, relationship building, and technological adaptation.