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Recruitment trends that are likely to dominate 2018

In 2017, recruitment industry trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data and analytics have made an impact on the recruitment field. Although it is likely these trends will remain strong, recruiters and hiring managers must remain competitive, relevant and socially aware. Let’s look at the recruiting trends most likely to dominate 2018:

  1. Talent Analytics: The speed of the hiring process is critical. It is very important to cut down on time spent on exhaustive tasks like resume screening, cross examining the facts and making decisions. Efficient usage of talent analytics has impacted the recruitment scenario and is spreading throughout India. Big Data and analytics, demand and supply trends, salary trends, and specific employee insights are aiding hiring managers in their decision-making process. It is not only the big players who will use this highly effective tool. Startups and small businesses will also use analytics to make their recruitment process more efficient and proactive.
  1. Growth of Artificial Intelligence: 2017 already witnessed AI making inroads in the recruitment industry. There is predicted to be a sharp increase in the implementation of AI-enabled chatbots. Automation of common tasks such as initial candidate screening and indexing and filling candidates’ records will increase recruiter efficiency. Contrary to the belief that AI will result in job loss, it will help hiring managers make informed workforce decisions by eliminating low productivity tasks.
  1. Rise of Social Recruiting: One of the biggest trends over the last decade has been the growth of social media recruitment. Gen Z has arrived: It feels like only yesterday when recruiting teams needed to strategize in order to hire Millennials. Just as most of the hiring departments figured out how to attract this particular demographic, Gen Z has once again impacted the recruiting industry. This group is very active on social media, especially with the latest, trending apps. By not staying current and aware of social media trends, recruiters may miss out on this talent pool as Gen Z comprises a large share of the job market.
  1. Employee Wellness and Recruitment: There are perks which employees expect from their employers above their basic pay package – flexible working hours, the ability to work from home and an exciting company wellness program. What matters to this generation is flexibility and certain employee freedoms. Work-from-home, flexible work times, and wellness programs are some of the special factors recruiters are considering and the trend in India is here to stay.
  1. Passive Candidates prevalence: Passive candidates are those who are currently employed and not looking for a new opportunity, but would be open to discussion if something ‘interesting’ came their way. Recruiters have mapped strategies to attract passive candidates, such as promoting their brand extensively over social media, and through live events and digital marketing strategies. With the constant increase in passive candidates, this trend is likely to dominate 2018.