Recruitment Myths Debunked!

Three Recruiter Myths Debunked!

In India, many people don’t fully understand the roles of recruiters and recruitment agencies.  Oftentimes, this creates misconceptions about the recruiting world, which can cause confusion and frustration. You may have had a bad experience with a recruitment agency in the past, and this may further add to your preconceived notions.

Here are few misconceptions (or rather, myths) of recruiters and recruitment agencies, which we would like to dispel:

Myth #1: Recruiters only care about the commission

Good recruiters don’t do it solely for the money! They do it because of their ability and passion for placing and matching the best talent for a particular job opening. Recruiters should understand job seekers’ requirements and have the ability to go well beyond the skills listed on their resume. A good recruiter believes in building relationships, and as a result, the hiring becomes easier and more efficient.

Myth #2: Recruiters only use job boards for finding talent

A great recruitment agency has an extensive network. This involves active and passive candidates–both that an employer can tap into. Merely by browsing through job boards, recruiters won’t be able to find and place great candidates. In fact, there are other sources like association meetings, social media and job fairs where recruiters can connect with the potential candidates and screen them. That means, when an employer deals with an exceptional recruitment agency, they only deal with pre-screened and highly qualified individuals matched for a particular job opening. Working with a premium recruiter means you aren’t paying someone simply to “Google” your candidate. It is establishing a relationship and network, which ensures best-matched candidates for your position.

Myth #3: Recruiters are expensive

There is a cost associated with every business. But when weighed against the cost of searching the candidates and sunken cost of a bad hire, a recruiter can provide a great long-term return on investment. What an employer is really paying for is the relationship which a recruiter builds with the candidates. Understanding the needs of the employers and time spent on preparing the candidates requires knowledge, experience and a good amount of networking.

At Superior Talent India, we strive to not only just dispel these myths, but also to eliminate the root causes of them. We believe in building up long-term relationships with employers, as well as candidates. This means while working with Superior, you get the best recruiter-represented candidates.

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