Passive Candidates Vs Active Candidates

79 percent of working professionals around the world are considered as passive candidates. The other 21% are actively seeking a new job.

Source: LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions

 Passive Candidates Vs. Active Candidate

Passive Talent: 120% more likely to want to make an impact

Passive Talent: 56% are more likely to want a corporate culture in which they can perfectly fit in as per their personality traits.

Passive Talent: Candidates are 33% more like to work in a challenging working conditions.

Passive Talent: 17% less likely to need skill development and 21 percent less likely looking for recognition


Tips for Passive Talent Recruitment Success:

Leverage your entire working team to acquire right talent. Outstanding employees know outstanding candidates who could be a strong culture fit.

All the conversations started with the passive candidates must be well targeted, specific and personal. Recruiters should impact over skill-laden job descriptions.

While recruiting passive candidates, the recruiters, HR should listen, invite candidates to talk about themselves, uncover their needs and motivation and keep detailed notes of every touch point.Talent recruitment services are aimed towards reaching out to the right kind of candidates in a targeted manner.



Source: LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions