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How to Attract the Attention of Qualified Candidates-Job Posting Guide

A job posting is meant to sell a potential job applicant—including contractors looking to help with seasonal work or a C-suite executive—on your organization and all the benefits that make it a great place to work. To create a job posting that will attract a diverse pool of the 80 percent of workers in India considering changing jobs in 2023, you need to be informative and interesting. Here’s how to ensure each section of your job posting maximizes your organization’s recruiting success when filling open roles.

Position title: Choosing a title that is clear, industry-relevant, and universally accepted can help enhance the success of your job posting. While creativity can make a job title more intriguing to prospective applicants, be sure that the position title is focused on the right keywords that candidates heavily search.

Overview and description: Want to capture the attention of job seekers and pique their interest in the position? Create a “hook” in this job posting section that will sell candidates on the opportunity and entice them to keep reading. Highlight the most compelling reasons why the role—and the company—are intriguing to motivate your prospective candidate audience to apply.

Responsibilities and duties: Providing an understanding of the responsibilities associated with the position can give candidates an idea of what to expect while on the job. Include bullets on the managerial duties, number of direct reports, what a typical day on the job might include, primary day-to-day tasks, and other functions associated with the role. But make sure you’re not going overboard—keep things brief and concise.

Job requirements: Are there any prerequisites that candidates must possess to be eligible for the job? From education history and familiarity with programs/systems to previous professional experience and industry-recognized certifications, ensure applicants know the background and knowledge they need to be considered for the role.

Benefits, perks, and your EVP: The strength and viability of a company’s benefits package are important when job seekers are vetting a prospective employer. Perks like tuition reimbursement programs, childcare stipends, career development opportunities, and other benefits listed in the job posting could help convince candidates to apply. Developing an employee value proposition (EVP) will tell potential employees the top reasons to work for your organization.

Compensation: Communicating salary information on job postings represents a critical differentiator for employers. Keep in mind that compensation is more than just salary. Focus on total compensation, such as employee benefits, commission or bonus opportunities, and other company perks.

EEOC compliance: To ensure your organization follows discrimination-free hiring practices, consider inserting a statement at the end of the job posting that affirms your status as an equal opportunity employer. This means you do not segregate candidates based on any characteristics protected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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