Five Fatal Resume Mistakes Candidates Need to Avoid

Experts claim that your resume generally gets about 30 seconds of attention, when being reviewed for the first time. Job seekers have to be very careful with the information they share and need to take full advantage of that half minute, which can make or break their job search. Avoid these five fatal resume mistakes and lead your career in the right direction:

  1. Long Description: No recruiter wants to read your biography! Make your resume concise and avoid making it unnecessarily long. Keeping it as a one-page profile is ideal, but certainly no more than two.
  2. Unnecessary Formatting: A resume is not a place to be creative with unprofessional fonts and formatting. Experts say that they like to see profiles that are clean and neat with dates, company names and designations written clearly with roles and responsibilities and accomplishments mentioned underneath.
  3. Typos: With your resume, you have one chance to make an impression and nothing ruins it faster than sending out a resume riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes. Make sure you proofread your resume thoroughly before sending it out.
  4. Inconsistencies: Recruiters are like Sherlock Holmes–they can easily detect the inconsistencies between the information which you have provided in your resume and on LinkedIn or any other social media sites. So make sure that your job information is consistent throughout your resume and online sites.
  5. Being Untruthful:  One of the worst things you can do is to lie in your resume. With the boom of social media and other online resources, it is easier to get reference and background checks. Always avoid the temptation to exaggerate or make false claims on your resume.