Don’t just rely on one source! Expand Your Job Search Methods!

An effective job seeker leaves no stone unturned and taps each and every source to get into a job which provides the most important factor: Job Satisfaction.

Most of the job seekers limit their job search almost exclusively on well-known companies and ignore other opportunities with smaller firms that they don’t recognize.

While these smaller firms are much harder to learn about and the number of hires which they make is relatively smaller than their established competitors, many times, they will offer a greater amount of job satisfaction to their employees

If you’re looking for different avenues to learn about those smaller companies, here’s a few ideas:


  1. Research: Thoroughly research new and emerging job trends in your targeted industry/business to widen your perspective and to get a more complete understanding of all the organizations matching your skills, experiences and interests.


  1. Utilize Social Media: Along with the actual companies, also connect with and follow individuals over social media platforms to explore emerging industries, services, trends and products that are fueling the market. Update your LinkedIn profile and follow the organizations and people on Twitter that are influential in the areas you are interested in.


  1. Professional Associations: Associations like SHRM, NHRD and HR Sangam talk about the latest happenings in the staffing and recruitment industries – special interest groups, business trend sites definitely lead to the better understanding of the fact that where the individuals and organizations are getting involved.


  1. Professional Networking: Leverage your professional network, which definitely helps you to connect with the individuals working in the areas of your interest. Make effective use of your contacts to get better ideas of the opportunities which may suit your area of expertise.


  1. Recruiters: Get in touch with good recruiters and recruiting firms. Talk to them about your interests and inclinations. A good recruiter would always be aware of the emerging industry trends and upcoming business changes.


So rather than only sticking to companies and avenues you may have already heard of, try and expand your job search methods and you may just land your dream job. Good Luck!