Customer Centricity

Customer-centricity – How Can We Improve It?

A customer hires an organization with a set of expectations in tow. This customer’s interpersonal abilities may run the gamut between cooperative, practical or inconsiderate. What can be done to ensure customer satisfaction when, say, the job at hand is particularly challenging? Often, the immediate step is for a company to quickly implement corrective measures based on the challenges, but I question whether this route is most effective. The greater the understanding of fundamental business principles, the more improved the organization/customer experience.

I once worked for a startup at which we conducted ‘Customer-centricity’ workshops. Employees were provided training on how to cater to prestigious clients both in India and abroad. What is the impetus behind an organization becoming customer-centric? In this competitive market, customers eventually require specific services and will reach out to service providers with their requirements. What unique angle does your organization provide? What factors encourage one business to stand apart? Familiarizing ourselves with these answers can help our company serve customers more efficiently.

A commonly overheard sentiment in the customer service industry is describing the need for “higher customer empathy,” – thinking and feeling from the customer point of view. If every organization followed this mantra I feel the experience would be smoother for both the company and the customer.

There are no immediate or one-size-fits-all solutions except to engage in clear actions that reinforce customer importance. The psychology is simple: if a customer feels it is a priority to the organization, they will utilize the organization for repeated business. Customer feedback is key to understanding which efforts to continue and which to trade for another approach.

My belief is that service providers should set objectives early and work toward them in a way both unique and inimitable so as to create impact and a veritable reputation for their organization.

Sayantan Biswas

Acara Solutions India

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