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Attract High Quality Talent

The best way to attract high quality talent? A carefully-considered job description.

A job description does more than advertise an open position at your organization—it is your first point of contact with candidates, and a method of acquiring the best possible talent. An ideal job description is engaging and contains all necessary skills required for the role. Although writing these can be challenging, the following tips will aid in your advertisement becoming more efficient, engaging, and clear.

Keep it simple:

Titles like Marketing Ninja, Rockstar Biz Development, and Digital Marketing Guru not only confuse applicants but attract candidates unfit for the role. Titles such as Marketing Manager or Business Development Manager will yield better results. Simple and easily-understood job titles encourage higher quality applicants to interact and engage with your advertisements.

Be specific:

Along with listing roles and responsibilities, one should highlight a potential career path and showcase ways a new hire may excel within his/her new position. Use specific language that incorporates an interesting detail or goal. Instead of, “The person will be responsible for all of the digital marketing activities,” try, “The person will be responsible for leading the digital marketing team and increasing digital media traction by 25% throughout the year.”


A job description will obviously contain the necessary skillsets required of an incumbent, but prioritizing those skillsets is equally important. Identify which are mandatory for the given role, which are secondary, and which can be developed over time. While listing the required skillsets also consider industry standards before attempting to maintain a balance of both mandatory and helpful but non-mandatory skills.

Company culture:

Before candidates apply for a role, they research your company through platforms such as Glassdoor. Be diligent in painting an engaging picture of your company’s vision and, most importantly, the values with which the candidate can align him or herself. Showcasing company culture is a simple yet effective means to attract the highest quality talent.

Smartphones require a succinct approach:

Today, smartphones are used in all aspects of life. India alone accounts for a 300 million smartphone user base. More than 50% of jobs on LinkedIn are viewed through mobile phones, so be sure to keep your job description short and bulleted for easy reading, considering that a typical user does not scroll down a screen more than three times per each web visit.