2019 Job Outlook in India

2019 Job Outlook in India

In 2018, we witnessed a strong demand for talent in countless positions across many different industries—especially in mid- and senior-level management roles. As we look further into 2019, we expect Indian industries to experience continued growth, with most of the economic sectors looking to hire the best talent in some of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

Which industries will see an uptick in action? Let’s take a look.

1. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

With the beginning of the new financial year, more action is expected in the FMCG hiring space as soon as April. The infusion of new product lines by global brands will likely result in greater hiring activity across India in 2019.

2. E-commerce

Yes, industry behemoths like Flipkart and Amazon will continue to dominate the e-commerce space. But that doesn’t mean mid-size companies won’t witness exponential growth. Indian e-commerce overall has already captured the global attention in terms of big-time investment.

3. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The pharma and the healthcare sectors are witnessing a good deal of disruption as many organisations are looking forward to hiring a diversified group of talent from other industries.

4. Information Technology

The IT industry is on a hiring spree, thereby introducing plenty of opportunities for the Indian job market. People with skill sets in data and analytics, engineering, architecture, and product development are in high demand. However, there are still concerns about the gap between this demand and the supply of qualified workers.

5. Real estate and Construction

Hiring is likely to pick up in the real estate sector as these organisations are also looking to hire talent from outside industries. With a need for more organisation to establish credibility in India, major players are likely to increase efforts to bolster their workforces—so much so that we will see international firms invest in domestic firms.

6. Manufacturing:

With an introduction of Make in India campaign, many international organisations are investing in Indian manufacturing units, especially in automotive sectors and consumer electronics. While this activity is promising to the manufacturing industry, the hiring process will be slow as government approvals and investments will take time.

As India’s 2019 general elections draw nearer, it seems unlikely that any political agenda will overlook the country’s recruitment efforts. In fact, current forecasts suggest that a fresh mandate could reform business activities, fuel investments, and generate employment across the country.

Which regions will expect to see change? Let’s take a look.

1. Delhi NCR

In the long run, Delhi NCR will witness a rise in job creation—not just because global companies are reconsidering where to set up their branches in the region—but because existing firms are also planning to relocate their head offices here, too.

2. Mumbai

Mumbai has always been a favourite location for organisations. Why? Mumbai has the broadest talent pool and most robust financial ecosystem, both of which promote new investments.

3. Bengaluru

The software capital of the country continues to be the top spot when it comes to hiring activity. And due to the accessibility of so many well-funded start-ups and tech-giants in Bengal, existing talent is unwilling to move out of the region. Despite the crowded market, weak infrastructure issues are creating an entry point for new firms to enter the region.

4. Hyderabad

As the city of Hyderabad supports an improved infrastructure and better quality of life, the region is likely to experience good growth in job creation.

5. Gujarat

Of all the regions benefiting from the Make in India campaign, Gujarat is reaping the most rewards. Several industries have moved into the region, thereby contributing to a boost in job creation. Right now, the region has become the major centre for automobile and chemical industries.