Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

  • Healthcare

    India has always been—and will always be—a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry. As the industry continues to dominate the marketplace, our pharmaceutical recruitment experts are prepared to deliver the best professionals—to the right businesses—at the right times.

    At Acara Solutions India, our pharmaceutical recruiters rely on their extensive knowledge of national and international resources to serve clients. With their years of experience in pharma recruitment, we have established ourselves a leading pharmaceutical industry hiring agency.

    Pharmaceutical job openings closed:

    • Customer Service Executive
    • HR Executive
    • HR Manager
    • Scientific Application Support

    The global healthcare industry requires some of the smartest, most dedicated talent in the world. At Acara, our healthcare recruitment consultants adhere to the same stringent standards. Our medical recruitment and nursing recruitment specialists combine industry knowledge with our robust network of high-quality healthcare professionals.

    With years of experience in pharma and healthcare hiring, we will customize your staffing and workforce solutions, deliver the best fit for your business, and improve your product development cycle. Ask us about our healthcare hiring solutions.

    Healthcare job openings closed:
    • Nurse
    • Healthcare Administrator
    • Medical Salesperson
    • Homecare professional

  • Pharmaceutical

    As the pharmaceutical industry benefits from major advancements in science and medicine, demand for innovative, qualified talent is becoming an utmost priority. Small and medium-sized enterprises in these sectors are growing rapidly—and they need people who can help them drive the development of new, life-saving treatments and medicines.

    At Acara Solutions India, we bring years of experience filling these types of highly technical and specialized positions. Our team has a thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical sector, the product development life cycle, and the talent needed to add the most value. Our recruitment experts are committed to providing customized, results-oriented staffing solutions for a wide range of roles.

    Some of the key job profiles in the pharmaceutical sector include:

    • HR Executive
    • HR Manager
    • Scientific Application Support
    • Process Technician

Why Acara Solutions India?

Acara Solutions India, an Aleron company, is a leading provider of comprehensive HR and recruitment process outsourcing solutions. Over the years, Acara has delivered staffing services to some of India’s leading manufacturers. With over 200 customers and over 200,000 assignments filled, Acara offers a strategic, proactive, and flexible approach to staffing, recruiting, and hiring.

  • Work efficiently.

    Simply put, our services are built to accommodate what you need and leave out what you don’t. This allows us to provide a high level of service for your focus areas rather than spreading ourselves thin on areas that don’t matter to you. Our efforts are dedicated efficiently and intelligently towards your needs.
  • Think creatively.

    Staffing solutions are not ‘one size fits all’. Our creative and innovative approach means we are able to think outside of the standard staffing model to create completely custom-tailored solutions that meet your needs and proactively addresses changes that arise.
  • Be a visionary.

    We know that your staffing needs today may not be the same as tomorrow or one year from now. While our services are created to accommodate your present circumstances, they’re also built with your future in mind. They’re agile and easily adaptable as you evolve.
  • Get connected.

    We’re dedicated to providing each client with a people-first approach. Rather than filling positions based solely on job requirements, we take your company’s culture and long-term goals into consideration to match you with talent that will lead to meaningful change.

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