How to Attract the Attention of Qualified Candidates - Job Posting Guide

When you’re crafting a job posting for a specific role, the job description should be used as a point of reference but should not be included verbatim. Writing a great job posting involves turning a formal job description into a marketing tool that attracts the attention of qualified candidates.

Looking to enhance the success of your job postings?

In this E-Book, Acara outlines how to maximize your organization’s recruiting success when filling open roles. After reading this guide you will know how to write effective job postings that provide your target candidates with the information they crave and need to decide if your opportunity is worth pursuing. We explain how to ensure your postings are unbiased and inclusive, how to promote your employer brand, and we dive into the details of each section of a job posting, including:

  • Position Title
  • Overview and Description
  • Responsibilities and Duties
  • Job Requirements
  • Benefits, Perks, and Your EVP
  • Compensation
  • EEOC Compliance


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