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Dynamics of the Gig Economy

Gig Economy: Changing the Landscape of Staffing and Recruitment Industry

The current situation has shaken the staffing and recruiting industry to its core. As companies have been forced to allow their employees to work from home or a remote setting, the market for gig economy workers and freelancers has exploded. Amid this pandemic, the Indian workforce may witness a major shift from conventional permanent placements to a market that relies on gig workers and freelancers.

Our team at Acara Solutions India sensed the need to offer guidance and support to organizations that are looking to explore this effective model of vetting freelancers and gig workers. Due to the latest industry trends and market focus shift, we have developed the following E-Book that will help you elevate your hiring and retention strategies.

The E-Book consists of the following:

  • Gig Economy and Evolving Work Culture
  • Renowned Platforms for gig workers
  • Gig Economy vs. Freelancers
  • Top Job Categories in Gig Economy
  • Regional Difference in Gig Economy – United States vs. India
  • Potential Indian Market for Gig Economy
  • Emerging Business Models in Gig Economy
  • Online Platforms for Freelancers and their Classification
  • Tips of Vetting the Freelancers
  • The Collaborative Tools in Gig Economy
  • Partnership with the Staffing & Recruitment Companies
  • Potential Risks in Implementation of Gig Economy in India

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