Contingent Staffing

We do more than just fill positions.
We bring people together with a purpose.

  • The world is more connected than ever before.

    Every day it becomes easier to connect with countries and companies halfway around the globe. While that means more opportunity, it also means businesses must be increasingly agile, bringing in specialized talent when necessary and paring down when the workload is lighter. Contingent staffing services are the perfect solution, offering the flexibility to enlist experts only when you need them.

  • Build the most empowered and efficient workforce.

    A contingent workforce benefits your team’s productivity as well as your bottom line. Your entire workforce will be strengthened with the addition of these key employees, while reducing your overall costs.

We take the pressure off contingent staffing services.

A company is only as good as its workforce, but a company’s workforce needs are not static. At different times, it becomes necessary to scale up with specialized or seasonal hires or pare down to the tightest possible crew. And the when and how of it differs from company to company. The solution? Acara India contingent staffing.

Acara India relies on proprietary search methodologies and advanced tracking and sourcing technologies to every year place thousands of contract and temporary candidates in accounting, administrative, design, drafting, engineering, financial, IT, life sciences, light industrial, and professional roles in a wide range of industries nationwide. And we do it all to order.

In other words, Acara India takes stock of your company. We assess your challenges and pain points, learn the ins and outs of your corporate culture, and attune ourselves to the workforce opportunities that will help you reach your potential. We then devise precise, agile staffing solutions and uncover the best-fit, highly qualified people to get you there. And we do it all with a clear vision of your objectives and respect for your bottom line. That’s the Acara India difference.

  • Agility.

    Bring in specialized talent when necessary and pare down when workloads are lighter. Contingent staffing services offer the flexibility and timeliness to enlist professionals only when you need them.
  • Efficiency.

    A contingent workforce benefits your productivity. Your team is strengthened by the addition of key contract employees, reducing your overall costs.
  • Tailored solutions.

    Our recruitment specialists get to know your company and goals, so we can find the best possible fit.
  • Cost containment.

    We never forget that there’s a bottom line. Our pricing is competitive, and we’ll help you save wherever possible.
  • Risk mitigation.

    We screen and vet all candidates to ensure they meet your specifications and culture, and that they understand their contract status as employees of Acara India. Unknowns are reduced, and so are the risks of hiring.
  • Fast turnaround.

    Experience shortened search times without sacrificing candidate quality.

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