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Our recruitment specialists have closed jobs in several areas.

With Industry’s prediction of creating 90 million jobs by 2025, our manufacturing recruitment consultants are well equipped to address the needs of the talent for our clients. We have a proven track record for hiring and developing talent. Known as a trusted manufacturing recruitment agency, Acara Solutions India consists of seasoned manufacturing recruitment consultants who understand the importance of positioning the right talent for the clients.

There are several other manufacturing recruitment consultancies in the market today but what differentiates Acara is our in-depth knowledge of the industry and exhaustive database of the best talent in the industry.

The Indian Engineering sector has witnessed remarkable growth over the last few years. The growth has been fueled by investments in infrastructure and industrial production. Closely associated with the manufacturing sector, the engineering sector is of strategic importance to the country’s economic growth. India has taken significant steps for the development of the engineering sector. Indian government has appointed the apex body Engineering Export Promotion Council as the apex body for the development of the sector.

We at Acara are well versed with the market trends of the sector and are well equipped for addressing the talent requirements of our clients. With our rich database and sophisticated tools, we have access to the top as well as the middle managerial level. Some of the job openings which we have worked for the industry are:

  • Information Technology

  • Engineering

  • Research & Development

  • and many, many more!

Let us help you find the best in engineering and manufacturing.

Acara Solutions India, an Aleron company, is a leading provider of comprehensive HR and recruitment process outsourcing solutions. Over the years, Acara has delivered staffing services to some of India’s leading manufacturers. With over 200 customers and over 200,000 assignments filled, Acara offers a strategic, proactive, and flexible approach to staffing, recruiting, and hiring.

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